Limmi continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, all while putting scientists and lab employees at the forefront of the design and development within the Limmi software. Limmi is happy to share the launch of two new products to enable research and development laboratories to improve and accelerate their workflows.

Experiment Hub 

Scientists in research and development laboratories generate a large amount of data from experiments, ranging from raw data to processed results and conclusions. This data is crucial for verifying previous results, making new discoveries, and advancing scientific knowledge. However, as the volume of data grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep track of all of it. This is where the need for a centralized repository of experiment data arises.

One of Limmi’s latest product offerings is the new Experiment Hub, which allows scientists and lab employees to link to samples, assign various access groups that include categories and roles, search for and access certain experiments, to see the real time status of an experiment, and view the analysis of all that data. The Experiment Hub ties directly into your labs data sources, and seamlessly integrates into the Pipeline Manager (another new product – continue reading below) enabling scientists and lab employees to easily access all information pertaining to their experiments in one user-friendly accessible location.

One of the main advantages of having Limmi’s Experiment Hub is its ability to facilitate collaboration among scientists and lab employees. By having a single location that is updated in real time, scientists can easily share their results with each other, leading to more robust and comprehensive research. This can also help avoid conflicting results and reduce the likelihood of duplicating work. Additionally, Limmi’s Experiment Hub allows for easy access to data from multiple sources, enabling scientists to compare and combine data from different experiments to gain a more complete understanding of a particular area of research.

Another major benefit of Limmi’s new Experiment Hub is that all of the data does not have to be stored directly on the Limmi platform. All data used in the Limmi software can be aggregated from other sources, so there is no need for a large enterprise data migration. Large data merges can take months, especially with all of the data labs collect and maintain, but because all information is aggregated we can get everything up and running in a short two weeks, so laboratories can be up and running quickly. The beauty of Limmi is that it can easily be adapted to what your lab is currently using.

Pipeline Manager

As a bioinformatician or data scientist in biotech, one of the primary challenges you face is the processing and analysis of large amounts of data. Modern cloud compute allows for massive amounts of data to be processed quickly, but requires engineering time to build and maintain these pipelines. Many bioinformaticians find themselves in need of an easy-to-use cloud analysis tool that will allow them to analyze data accurately without having to build and maintain the infrastructure themselves.

Limmi’s new Pipeline Manager provides an easy to use tool to run and monitor your analyses:

  • Manages all cloud infrastructure required for your analysis
  • Provides real-time monitoring of all of the data processes
  • Provides push notifications if there is any kind of issue to configured access groups
  • Allows all team members to see progress and analysis results, while seamlessly integrating the results back into the Experiment Hub.

Pipeline Manager provides complete transparency of the data analysis process and will restart any failed jobs automatically, saving the data scientists incredible amounts of time and energy. These analyses of large data will run much smoother, quicker, and with much less headache with Limmi’s Pipeline Manager.

More on Limmi

Limmi is a revolutionary, easy-to-use cloud-based data and analysis platform that allows biotechnology companies to seamlessly collect, monitor, track, organize, and handle all aspects of the research and development process with no downtime or expensive migration processes. No more lost or mislabeled data, everything is available in one place.

We brought 30 years of experience in the software and data science industry to build a new type of data management platform that’s built to be highly configurable, requires no additional infrastructure for your lab, and easily integrates with your existing tools and workflows that are already present in the lab. Limmi makes it easy to get started if you’re a small laboratory, but is also scalable, allowing it to grow with your lab as you expand.

Limmi’s intuitive design was written with scientists and lab employees in mind. Limmi was designed to dramatically improve all aspects of the lab workflow, ensuring that time is saved, efficiency is maximized, and data is secure and easily accessible. All information about lab assets, experiments, and results are readily available and easily shareable. Other laboratory software systems simply wrote software that scientists and lab employees then had to “figure out.” Limmi did the opposite – considering the scientists and their needs and then built a dynamic software that is intuitive and puts the scientist in control.


Both new products are part of a continuous evolution of innovation from Limmi to provide bioinformaticians with the tools they need in the lab and clinical trials. The Experiment Hub and Pipeline Manager are just the latest additions to the Limmi platform, with more advanced analysis tools coming in the near future. Limmi is constantly looking at ways to improve the technology within laboratories, making things more efficient and easier for biotechnology scientists.