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We took over 100 years of combined experience in AI to do all the hard work for you. So you can focus on actionable insights

Limmi is a modern data & analysis platform for your research. Power your diagnostics and operations with powerful ML and AI models, gain new insights in your data, and have full traceability on a HIPAA and FDA compliant platform.

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  • Get to Insights. Faster.

    We can clean up messy data in as little as 1 week, reducing the turnaround time from opaque data to insights drastically.

    Get to Insights. Faster.
  • Continually improving and learning.

    Limmi’s platform lets you automate machine learning and training tasks using feedback data from your clinical trials and commercial tests, keeping you ahead of your competition.

    Monitor your models from training to deployment – track model drift and hundreds of other parameters.

    Continually improving and learning.
  • Compliance Built In

    Our traceability feature logs all data and user actions, baking in FDA and HIPAA compliance from the get go, so you never have to worry about finding previous work or filing data.

    Compliance Built In
  • Powerful integration in nearly any workflow.

    Limmi integrates seamlessly into your existing EHR or Clinical Platform thanks to a powerful API layer that can be adapted seamlessly to your needs.

    Powerful integration in nearly any workflow.
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