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We help organizations gain deep insights from their data with powerful AI models across healthcare, biotech and disease detection - learn more about how we can help your organization

Because of the flexibility of the Limmi platform, we help companies extract insights across a wide variety of applications, from disease insights to healthcare operations. See how we can help you.

  • Disease Detection & Diagnostics

    We help organizations extract new insights from messy real world data and harness it to power their research and diagnostics. Our platform can be up and running in weeks, providing actionable insights to detect and prevent diseases earlier.

    Disease Detection & Diagnostics
  • Biotech & Pharma Research

    Our platform can help you find new drug candidates and targets faster in complex populations, with time saving tools to let you deploy your AI models quickly and reliably

    Biotech & Pharma Research
  • Disease Research

    Monitor data and get insights in real-time from real world data to improve safety and efficiency for both patients and companies.

    Disease Research
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