CARLSBAD, Calif., Jan. 16, 2024 — Limmi, a startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Data Insights for life sciences, today announced it will be using Limmi’s disease insights platform in hospitals with an initial focus on kidney stone disease recurrence.

UC San Diego Health will be the first site that will utilize the technology.

“We envision a future where we – through the use of AI – can reveal the hidden patterns of data, in order to assist in minimizing the reccurence of kidney stone disease and ultimately provide better care to patients,” states Trevor Vieweg, Chairman of Limmi.

Limmi’s Disease Insights Platform has been meticulously designed to address the common challenges researchers face when dealing with large sets of data, particularly complex health data. Limmi’s Disease Insights Platform offers a suite of tools including advanced AI modeling, comprehensive data integration from all common healthcare data types, collaborative tools for researchers, and real-time analysis of continuous learning from real world data.

“We know that recurring kidney stones affect approximately 50% of patients—but we don’t have a personalized risk predictor for individual patients. We have fortunately collected years of high quality kidney stone patient data to apply to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The goal is to create a high fidelity AI model that will predict an individual’s risk of kidney stone recurrence”, states Dr. Roger Sur, Professor of Urology at UC San Diego School of Medicine and Director, Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center, and urologist at UC San Diego Health.

In the near future, Limmi hopes to use AI with physicians to predict other diseases such as a person’s risk of cancer, eventually growing into other areas of healthcare management in the future.